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          Who We Are

Benita Sarah Bailey

Benita Bailey is an Ethiopian-German actress, theater and filmmaker and lecturer. She studied International Relations and Africa Studies at the University of Leipzig and in Hong Kong,  Acting in Berlin. She worked for the UN in New York and for the German government in Beijing and Berlin. She is currently developing an interdisciplinary performance with the Canadian collective Diaspora Kidz based on the arrivals legacy project. Since July 2020 she has also been producing #yellit on IGTV and  YT, in which she introduces Black artists. Since spring you can see her in the leading role in the MDR mini-series "Pflegionärin". Benita lives with her family in Berlin and Toronto.  


Jane Chirwa

Is a Zambian-German actress and filmmaker. After working in the theater ensemble, she acted in German series such as "In All Friendship - The Young Doctors" (ARD) or in international projects such as "Sense 8" (Netflix, director: Lana Wachowski) or "Charlies Angels" (cinema; Director: Elizabeth Banks). In addition to stays abroad in South Africa, Los Angeles and New York, she produced her own film and theater projects, which she also directed.

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